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Why and How We Became Penis Experts

A man with a large penis suffering from erectile dysfunction
Darren (9.5" in Seattle, WA) is a 37 year old father of 3 and is 7" soft. Click image.

Because we're men.

Both Kevin and myself, Hudson, live for sport and competition. We've known each other for 20 years and our kids are now friends. As we mature as massage therapists, business owners and well-endowed men, our passion for peak health continues to grow.

We understand the physical and psychological need for competition and how it affects men's health overall. And our practice of kinesology makes us experts on and off the field.

Over the years, we've rehabilitiated many sports related injuries and became passionate about prevention but not to the detriment of our profession. We can't put ourselves out of work!

Our approach to prevention is to talk openly and candidly with courtesty with men and to share perspectives amongst of sports community. And it lead naturally to blend our approach with a subject matter that most gay and straight men rarely talk about with experts - large penis problems.

We would hear stories of men struggling with physical and emotional pain for years with large penis problems. With a new perspective, direction and information, we help men recovery and prevent unfortunate relapse.

Our intent to make create the Large Penis Professionals into a support network where the community can share information and understanding to these unique problems. And support from other men with large penises who understand that these are not good problems but problems that can lead to suffering alone.

We invite everyone to join in a support network to share with others:

  • knowledge of problem prevention
  • understanding with men in similar circumstances
  • life experiences, both good and embarrassing
  • concerns and advice
  • support for erectile dysfunction
  • intimacy discussions on sex with a large penis to avoid pain to those we care about
  • precious time to talk with others
  • the good will and support for similar men suffering depression, confusion and frustration with society's fixation and misunderstanding.

This is a professionally moderated board as previous incarnations degenerated with negative comments and non-specific material. We welcome all to join including spouses, partners and men who no longer want to suffer alone.