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What is the Normal Color of Penis Skin?

No matter what race, religion or language we speak, there is one thing in common with all men on this planet - we know every single inch of skin on our dicks. Some are black, white, red, purple, brown and pink. So, what is the normal color of penis skin?

"Most guys have two different colors of penis skin", says Hudson White, a massage therapist and one of the founders of the Large Penis Professionals. "It's something guys don't really talk about for fear of being called a freak. That's why we sneak-a-peek in the locker room to compare cocks and to see if we are normal. Well, the truth is that every color combination of our cocks is absolutely normal."

A uniform color penis is rare.
This guy has a rare 8" cock that's uniform in color from base to tip. Most men have a two-tone colored cock.

What is a 'Normal' Penis Color?

The head of the penis has two layers of skin, the outer and the inner skin layer which gives most guys a two-toned colored cock, no matter of race.

Uncircumcised men still have both the inner and outer skin while circumcised men only have the inner skin remaining.

The foreskin is the outer protective layer and is usually the same color as the entire shaft of the penis, it's just a continuation of the penile skin. The inner skin layer is usually lighter in color and is visible when you retract your foreskin.

For circumcised men, the inner skin is always exposed. The shaft may be one color, then there will be the circumcision scar where the outer & inner skin used to meet and then a lighter color head which is always exposed.

Different colors on a penis.
This cut cock shows the clearly defined mark between the inner penile skin of the head and the outer skin of the shaft.
The color of penis skin depends on your race, the temperature in your underwear and the height of your libido. Colors can range from white to black, pink to purple and even orange for redheads. In general, the color of your cock is determined genetically from your father and grandfathers.

A Multi-Hued Cock

A uniformly colored cock from base to tip is rare, especially for men with large penises who have more penile skin than the average man.

For Caucasian men, the natural skin colors can be a combination of:

  1. A natural tan/brownish color is common for most white men.
  2. White from base to tip for fair skin men. And yes, this skin can sunburn easily.
  3. Red can be normal for those whose blood vessels are close to the surface.
  4. Pink is also a normal color whose blood vessels are slightly deeper under the epidermis.
  5. Orange for carrot-top redheads.

For black and brown men, the natural skin colors can be a combination of:

A uniform color on the outer penile skin of an African American man.
The uniform color of an uncircumisized penis on an African American.
  1. Black as the rest of the body.
  2. Brown is typical on the inner foreskin and the bulbous penis head.
  3. Red/pink on the head and inner foreskin. This is rarer on dark-skin guys.
  4. Purple - When blood vessels are close to the skin, the red of the blood and the dark hue of the melanin can appear to be purple like an eggplant.

For Asian, Latinos, Native American men, the natural skin color can be a combination of:

  1. Copper as an extension of the normal skin color.
  2. Brown is typical for the entire penis.
  3. A lighter tan color is common for the foreskin and cockhead.
  4. White on for the light-skin Asians.

For mixed race men, the color of the penis can either match the color of your natural skin or can be slightly darker. Again, the cockhead and inner foreskin at the tip of the penis is usually a few shades lighter.

Why the Different Colors?

It is common for the penis and testicles to be darker than the rest of the body. The skin on our genitals is different than other body parts. This skin is very sensitive with more nerve endings to produce pleasure.

There are actually 4 different types of skin on our penis.

#1) The bulbous head - The gland is made up of smooth skin that shines and remains soft from natural oils secreted from ducts around the curved head (call the corona) and under the piss-slit.

A large white uncut cock with a pink head.
A large white cock with a pink head is common for white men.

#2) Inner Foreskin - This is the skin just below the corona and extends up the shaft for about an inch or so, more on hung guys. For uncircumcised men, this soft skin folds over to protect our bulbous head. For circumcised guys, this skin is pulled down the shaft and stitched to the remaining shaft skin.

#3A) Circumcision Scar (for cut men) - Below the inner foreskin is the dark colored, brownish ring that goes all around the penis. This is the scar from where your foreskin used to be.

#3B) Foreskin scrunch (for uncut men) - When we pull your foreskin back it will naturally bunch in this area, forming a ring of wrinkled skin around the shaft. The color may be slightly darker than the shaft as this skin is designed for constant stretching and expanding as we get hard throughout the day.

#4) Shaft skin - Below the circumcision scar or foreskin ring and extending the entire length of the penis is the skin on the main shaft. It can be the same color as the rest of your body but it's normal for it to be darker or lighter than your body's complexion.

For uncut guys, when we pull our foreskin all the way to the tip, our penis appears as one color. Retract it an you'll see the lighter tone of the inner foreskin.

For cut guys, your two-toned penis is always on display.

Medical Explanation

The lighter color skin may be due to the fact that there are more nerve endings on this sensitive area but the main fact is that there is less melanin producing cells there. A healthy penis comes in all colors.


The color of the blood can show through the sensitive skin on the penis. When our dicks get hard or after a serious pump-session, the added blood flow may make:

  1. A white penis look pink or red.
  2. A brown penis to look darker as the red-hue darkens the skin.
  3. A black penis to look purple as the red color blends with the dark hue.

You don't have a problem if you're not sore, burning or stinging.

Bruising your Cock

Yes, a penis can get bruised and turn purple and blue. It can happen from rough-housing in sports or from energetic sex and is a sign of injury to the blood vessels. For hung men, these injuries are more common when being ridden like a Pogo stick and the other person's pelvis misaligns and bends our big dick under their bouncing weight. That does not feel good!

Other injuries can occur from a zipper accident or from a blow in a sport match (wear your cup, guys). If bruising suddenly appears, go see a doctor right away as the blood vessels could be a sign of more serious trauma to your big boy.


Rub your head... the head on top of your shoulders... and notice how the skin along your beard is rougher than the skin on your forehead. When we shave, we scrape a sharp steel blade along the surface of your skin, causing the skin to thicken and protect itself.

This bodily reaction is similar for our genital skin when we shave our big cocks. The skin will react by thickening and appearing darker.


A large white cock that is pink in color.
This large, uncut white cock is engorged with blood and has a pink hue.

"I've noticed this with many of my athlete patients and to myself', admits Hudson. "The constant friction from sports underwear and supporters causes darkening in the crotch of men of all races. Mine has gone from glow-stick white in high school to light brown along the shaft by the end of college." This is due to the skin re-growing and thickening to protect the area from chafing.

When should you be concerned?

When the penis changes colors other than from sexual activity, that's when you should be concerned.

As we said above, if your erect cock is traumatically bent and you see immediate bruising, the capillaries and veins have broken and blood is pooling outside of the penile vascular system. Don't be embarrassed by dropping your pants in a doctor's office and seek medical attention immediately.

Jock itch and other fungus can also change the color of the skin in the genital area to a darker or even reddish color. Usually the color changes before the skin starts to break and flake. It's better for your doctor to see your medical condition before your (ex) sex partners.

  1. Diabetes - Darkening skin on the penis may be a sign of diabetes. The skin sometimes darkens when blood sugar is very high meaning that there is a heightened level of insulin released from the pancreas. Off to the doctor you go.
  2. Hormone Changes - When we are young, nipples and genitals can be lighter in color for some races. During puberty, the increase in testosterone raises the production of melanin in these skin cells, causing the color to darken. If this occurs in adults, well after puberty, tell your doctor as changing hormone levels could be indicative of something more serious than different colored bits-n-pieces.
    A carrot-tops orange cock.
    This carrot-top redhead also has an orange cock. The carpet does match the curtains.
  3. STDs - For some guys, it's normal to have dark or light spots and bumps on the shaft. If the spots have always been there, then you have no cause for concern. On the other hand, if spots appear or existing ones change color, it's time to see your doctor for an STD test.
  4. Vitiligo - Some people will be affected by the loss of melanocytes in the epidermis and suffer white skin patches. Melanocytes are the skin cells that produce skin color and without them, the skin can look like it's bleached.

    This condition can also occur on the penis. It is not a dangerous condition and sometimes can be treated with medications, creams, lasers and surgical techniques and may recur after treatment.

    Vitiligo affects all races and is not a physical health concern, just aesthetics, mental and emotional issues. It does not affect your sexual sensitivity nor your erections or ejaculations. If it occurs on the foreskin, an adult circumcision can remove the affected skin with no guarantees that it can occur on other parts of your penis.

How to keep Healthy Penis Skin

Keep it clean with a mild soap. Better yet, simply use a washcloth in the shower and avoid washing away those good natural oils. A washcloth gently removes dead skin cells and dried precum, semen and other people's bodily fluids after sex.

For uncircumcised men, it is important to remove a build-up of smegma from under your foreskin that can lead to a smelly penis, dry skin and bacterial infections.

A stiff latino cock is beautiful.
Large cocks come in different sizes, shapes and colors and each is beautiful to us and our partners. (KB)

Avoid applying thick body oils to your cock. This can clog pores and prevent moisture from evaporating. A large moist cock is a perfect breeding ground for fungal infections (you've got jock itch!).

Apply a penis cream that contains vitamin A, C & E to promote smooth skin. And the taste will not be offensive to someone who gives you a spontaneous blowjob.

For hung guys, a multi-colored penis is going to be more pronounced since there's more skin on it. But just remember, the natural color of penis skin is as unique as each man on earth. As long as there are no sudden changes in color, you and your dick are as normal as ever.

Feel free to submit and share your story, comments and photos.

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