Real guys hanging out.

I've Always Wanted to Say This to Hung Guys

I hope you appreciate how lucky you are for having a large penis. Take it from an average guy like me who didn't win the genetic lottery - you are truly blessed! Don't take it for granted. Be proud. Be very proud! You've got what every man longs to possess - a huge dick!

Smaller guys being envious of hung guys.
I understand life isn't fair and we get what we get, but it's still a wonder to see what we are missing out on.

But don't get too cocky. Remember, you did nothing to earn that gift between your legs. It's just that - a gift.

I guess you may have the men in your family tree to thank for that. Although based on what I've heard from some of you in The Large Penis Club, even your fathers may be wondering how the heck you ended up with that donkey cock. It's the luck of the draw, and some are just luckier than others. You, my friends, got lucky!

I've always wondered:

  • What it would be like to have a penis that was thick as a beer can and hung halfway to my knees.
  • What's it like to be the guy in the locker room that everyone secretly steals glances at because they can't believe what you've got swinging as you walk by.
  • What's it like to have smaller guys standing next to you at the urinal openly stare because they can't believe their eyes?
  • What's it like to have a perpetual bulge in your pants that can't be helped but often attracts wide-eyed stares and doubletakes?

Do you ever grow tired of the attention and curiosity your large penis attracts from women and other men? Not in an sexual way but out of disbelief, admiration and respect.

What I wouldn't give to walk in your shoes for one day to possess the manly confidence that comes from knowing you are the most well-endowed man in any given place at any time.

To be a man with a large penis who can proudly say that you have rarely met another man as big as you. How can that not give you a deep sense of alpha male pride?

Getting Admiration and Respect

I hope you don't take offense if you notice someone (like me) staring at your conspicuous bulge or casually stretching to catch a glimpse at the urinal.

Smaller guys are envious of hung guys.
Admiring larger males.

Maybe my eyes keep wandering your way in the locker room, steam room, or shower. Please don't be offended or irritated. Take it as a compliment.

I assure you I am only looking on with envy and amazement.

Well, I confess maybe sometimes with a little lust, as well. But can you blame me? It's rare to encounter a cock as big as yours in real life. I can't help but be curious... and yes, envious.

I probably would never have the courage or audacity to actually comment or verbally compliment you on your endowment, but you can rest assured I'm thinking it.

If that's something that wouldn't bother you or maybe would even feed your ego, give average and smaller guys a little sign. Show off just a little, like Paul with his 11.5-incher in the movie theatre washroom, to let me know you don't mind the attention.

If you're the guy who struts around naked and hung the locker room with his towel around his neck rather than around his waist, I'll get the message that you like being noticed.

If you go commando in a pair of flimsy gym shorts with your huge cock flopping around like a python trying to fight its way out of a plastic bag, I'll assume you won't mind my leering attention.

Average and small guys will never know the pride and confidence that comes with a big cock.
Effortless bulging for hung guys.

If you stand back from the urinal and seem to linger there a little longer than necessary with your huge meat hanging out, I'll consider that an invitation to openly gape without worrying about offending you.

A non-verbal sign is needed since talking to a hung guy about his package is only done between friends.

And if my own cock suddenly starts to swell and rise to attention, please don't be offended. Just consider it my humble manhood saluting yours.

I know when you've lived with your long schlong your whole life, you may think it's no big deal. Well, that's easy for you to say. For those average- and small-dicked guys who haven't been so blessed, it does seem like a BIG deal. No pun intended.

I'll admit, it's hard to not feel a bit insecure around the likes of you, but even so, I love to see a hung man flaunt what he's got. It somehow makes me proud to be a man too. I know it's what I would do if I'd been so gifted.

I've yet to meet a hung man who wishes he wasn't so big. You may wish to have a larger penis but never smaller. So don't take that monster in your pants for granted. And when the road of life gets rocky and the skies above turn gray, remember, at least you are hung like a horse.

Rip, an average-sized admirer

Rip is in California and is a big cock admirer. With his 6.5" pecker, he understands and accepts his place amongst men but still wants a glipse of what he's missing out on.

how an guy with an average size penis ranks to men with large penises

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