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Sex with a Large Penis - The Sofa Sex Position

Sometimes it's nice just to sit back and have your dick worked over. Your only duty is to stay hard, not to cum too quickly and to be a stiff dick for a a greedy hole. The sofa sex position let's you be ridden hard without getting crushed at the hips, which can be uncomfortable if your partner is on the heavy side.

The sofa sex position is good for men with large penises.
The sofa sex position let's you sit back and let others do the work.

You can use a sofa or an armchair. Sit down and scoot toward the edge with your pelvis hanging over the front edge. This will give your partner the maximum amount of inches for them to back on to.

Have him or her bent over an all fours and well lubed. Spread your legs wide open and get them to skootch their caboose close to your cock. Aim your large penis slightly downwards as they back right on to it, like a well-connected tractor-trailer unit.

Sit back, spread your arms and enjoy the ride as they bounce and buck and fuck your pole good. They do all of the work this time.

Put a pillow under your lower back to reduce pressure on your vertebrae. Note that the pillow may get dirty from the dripping lube. Put a towel down first to make clean up easier.

Pre-E & ED

For premature ejaculators, this sofa sex position will help delay orgasm. Your pelvis, glutes and thigh muscles will remain relaxed, helping to prevent the PC muscles from contracting in ejaculation. And being ridden let's you concentrate on building your sexual endurance. Just be respectful of your partner and try to show your sexual appreciation in other ways.

For guys suffering from erectile dysfunction and whose nipples are hardwired to your cock, this position allows you to self-stimulate your pleasure points to keep you harder for longer. Again, don't forget to show your sexual appreciation to your partner.

Your Responsibilities

This is a good position for sex with a large penis but it's only going to work for guys who are 7" and longer. Smaller cocks will keep popping out of their vagina or anus and it'll get awkward and frustrating really fast.

This position puts the recipient in charge of the depth of penetrations and you may need to encourage them to take it all. Be patient as they learn to enjoy your maximum length and girth. Since your hands are free, have a bottle of lube close to make sure everything slides with ease and perfection.

This position not only offers a good view from behind but also increases your erection endurance. Because the recipient can't thrust at a jack-hammer speed in this position, it's good training for sustained pleasured and delayed orgasms.

If the recipient has a muscular or big ass that you usually have to hold apart, this position may not allow for the maximum length to be enjoyed by you. Be thoughtful and patient and enjoy being treated like a hard pole for their use.

Tips for the Sofa Sex Position

When entering women from behind:

  • Do not 'compliment' their shaking ass. They may infer that you are calling them overweight which can bring out their insecurities.
  • Do compliment their curvy hips, the beautiful hair and how good they look from behind.
  • Do compliment them about how good they are making you feel so they know their strenuous work is being enjoyed and appreciated.
  • Do not grab them by the hair and hoist them up in desire. Your sexual aggression may be interpreted as disrespect. Remember, you want their cunt as much as possible, while not making them feel like just a cunt.
  • You may not be able to reach around to grab some titty without your cock popping out. Just sit back and enjoy the ride as a Big Guy.
  • For most mature women, they will pound your full length to get a good workout for their often untouched spots past their cervix. It's your duty to stay hard.

When entering a man's behind:

  • Do compliment their man-pussy. Calling it a 'good cunt' may really turn them on and make them please you even more with their poop-chute.
  • For bodybuilder bottoms, compliment their wide back, their strong V-shape wings and strong ass muscles. This will bring out the best in their man-cunt for your dick.
  • For confident bottoms, grabbing them by the hair and hoisting them up reinforces your desire and aggression. It may make them feel that they have found their proper place in the pack, on all fours and on your large cock. Good dawg!
  • For bottoms, having a large cock go past their inner sphincter takes practice. Encourage them and cheer them on as you enter their large intestine. You'll know when you've punched through by the tight inner grip on your head and shaft and from their moans and howls.

Strip down, lube up and make the sofa sex position fun for both people on the either end of your large cock.

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