Real guys hanging out.

JohnW - 8.5x7.5" (NJ) - Going through Airport Security

A few years ago, airport security used a machine called a Backscatter machine to scan people. Every time I went through, I was stopped. It was serious!

I was taken to a room by 2 guys and really padded down and searched for a conceal weapon. This was no joke. They thought I had something in my pants when the only thing I was packing was my thick 8.5-incher.

Xray under clothing showing a big cock.
It wasn't a gun in JohnW's pants that set off the security machine.

My wife was allowed to go in also when she was there and I wasn't embarrassed but the TSA guys were.

They were serious and had to verify that nothing in my pants had set off their machine.

The Backscatter machines showed the entire body under your clothing. Something right out of the movies. My wife would smile proudly.

After some investigation, it turned out it was showers with thick cocks that would trigger the machine.

Technology has changed and those machines have been taken out of the airport. I sort of liked it, kind of like a badge of honor but it took 5 minutes or so to get through. It got weird after a few years.

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