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Does Your Penis Smell

Wash your crotch to prevent penis smell.

Don't make your penis a perfect Petri dish for bacteria. Our crotches are hot and humid with precum and when mixed with sweat, unpleasant odors can build up in the creases. Under the wrong conditions, our penis smell can turn people off.

"Heat, moisture and a dark place is what bacteria likes most," explains Hudson White, a massage therapist and one of the founders of the Large Penis Professionals. "If you're looking to improve your penis, the first step is to remove the conditions that are perfect for odours and disastrous for your love life."

Why keep a Clean Penis?

Our groin has a number of sources of scent. Nature may have built in this olfactory mechanism into our junk as a way to lure a mate. In our modern world, where we and our package spends 8-10 hours in an office, those same scents can go from attraction to repulsion. Because we are men, that's the last thing we want!

Sweat, oils and precum can collect in the groin. You don't have to be an athlete or a jock to get a smelly penis and ball sac. It is more common in athletes because we perspire more than the average man. And it doesn't help when the sweat runs down the ass-crack, past anus and collects in the nether region in our underwear. That's a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

For some men with large penises and nut sacs, the condition may escalate from a stinky mess and into a full blown fungal infection with accompanying red patches, scaling and even blisters. That's jock-itch, an a foul and unsightly rash on the thighs, balls or penis shaft.

In our small therapy rooms, we can usually get a whiff of something brewing down there. If our client is nude and we see a discolouration, we will politely mention that he seeks treatment for a healthy penis. We never allude to an offensive smell out of courtesy. Girlfriends, boyfriends and casual sex partners are not so kind.

A smelly hookup can turn them off to oral sex. Or worse, a smelly bag can lead to a bad reputation with their pals. And that can lead to lower self-confidence in ourselves.

Preventing the Crusties from building up - The crusty stuff actually has a name - smegma. It's a natural lubricant made up of dead skin cells and secreted oil from the penis head. Its purpose is to reduce friction of our (former) foreskin during intercourse. Even guys who are circumcised, oil is secreted from glands from under your cockhead. If this natural lubricant builds up, especially under the foreskin, the smell can get offensive.

Ever wonder why your old under is stained brown in the crotch? That's the natural oil we produce from our groin area.

What causes the Penis to Smell?

#1 - The natural bacterial breakdown of sweat leads to body odor. This is typical in the underarms, another dark, sweaty and hairy areas of the body.

#2 - With enough perspiration as a food source, bacteria can flourish which can lead to a fungal infection on the sensitive skin. That's when the smell goes from sweat to an offense body odor.

How to Clean Your Penis and Prevent Unwanted Odors

Bushy pubic hair traps oils and odors than can trap moisture. You don't have to shave your crotch bald but a quick 30 second trim with an inexpensive trimmer can quickly keep the crop in check.

Most men do not need to use anti-bacterial soaps and shampoos. These can disturb the balance of natural anti-bacterial oils on our skin. Instead, use a simple washcloth in the shower and gently pass it over the entire length of your penis and through all of the folds of the testicles. Don't rub like your polishing your car or that will lead to chafing, unbroken skin and an increase risk STDs infection.

Washing your penis in the shower
Warm water cleans into the deep skin folds.

Uncut guys need to be more vigilant with cleaning because the extra fold of skin can collect odors and urine droplets. Pull back your foreskin to expose the underside and gently wash. Do not leave any shampoo residue which may lead to irritation and swelling. Dry both sides of your foreskin to start the day as dry as possible.

When masturbating in the shower, use conditioner as a lubricant instead of soap. If the soap suds get into your urethra, your inner tube can get sore and irritated and will hurt every time you pee and ejaculate. Ouch.

Don't forget to wash your entire pubic region including your testicles, perineum and inner thighs. If you shave or trim your pubes, use a washcloth to gently exfoliate dead skin cells to prevent in-grown hairs.

You should always wash after oral, vaginal or anal sex to get rid of bacteria from the surface of the skin. If bare backing, wash immediately to remove any fecal waste that may clog & infect sensitive pores.

If you do shave, we recommend shaving a few days in advance to allow time for the skin to heal. Running a sharp metal over and skin leave micro-cuts and open pores for bacteria to collect. Don't believe us, then splash some after-shave on and feel the burn!

Some guys put a swipe of deodorant on their package. If you're not allergic to it, go for it. However, most deodorant contain some form of anti-perspriant made out of aluminum. Alzheimer's patients have been found to have higher levels of this metal in their brains. There's no connection yet between the product and long-term brain deterioration; however, we digress. We were talking about our other head...

What to Wear and Not to Wear

  • After your workout, change out of sweaty underwear immediately to allow for the skin to dry.
  • Avoid wearing briefs, those the tighty-whities that we grew up with. The edges get tucked between our scrotum and legs that can irritate the skin. When it gets soaked with sweat, it increases the chances of a fungal infection in the damaged skin.
  • Wear compression shorts when exercising. Having all of your parts smashed together and doused in manly sweat is a prefect storm for bacteria.
  • Hip-hop and other dance guys should only wear their dancer's belt only as needed and then let it and their junk dry out.
  • For men with large cocks, our personal choice is to wear boxer briefs through the day for the following reasons:
    • They are snug enough to prevent flipping and flopping.
    • They extend down the leg to prevent any wedging between the leg and nut sac.
    • They usually stay in place and do not bunch excessively and uncomfortably.
    • They are made of absorbent cotton to wick the moisture away from the skin.
  • Jock straps and harnesses cram the junk together, especially for showers (show-ers). Only wear for long enough to lure in that someone special and get them to take it off as quickly as possible. For bottoms, leave it on!

Guys, a clean penis is important for hygiene and sexual health. The goal is to keep our penis as clean and as dry as possible. A damp penis is a Petridish for bacteria, bad odor and a bad taste in someone's mouth.

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