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Locker Room Etiquette for Guys with Big Cocks

Sometimes breaking the rules is just rude, arrogant and dangerous. The other day, I was finishing up in the locker room after a great leg workout, when this new guy strolled out of the showers and into the change area, buck naked (okay), barefoot (gross but still okay) and with at least an 8" boner sticking straight out, swinging from side to side (NOT okay!). There are locker room etiquette rules for hung guys so you do not end up looking like a big dick.

Having an erection in the public showers is inappropriate and rude.
Don't show off your big dick in a locker room nor display your state of arousal.

According to Hudson White, a former college football player, "Public nudity is natural but walking around with a boner in the gym locker room is something that other men should not be forced to look at."

"Men with large penises who are erect in the gym locker room are showing that they are sexually aroused. They don't come across as naturalists but rather perpetuate stereotypes of hung guys as arrogant and egotistical."

Hudson warns, "And don't even think about breaking the rule of fatherhood by sporting a boner in the change room at the community swimming pool where we bring our kids!"

Courtesy in the Locker Room

The human body is beautiful. And as humans, good manners are a part of the social norms to help us live with and care about each other.

The locker room is not a sexual place, no matter what the porno documentaries show. When you are hung and erect in public, you're challenging other males in an inappropriate venue that can easily escalate to yelling & a fist fighting.

When men are confined in a small area, we need to follow rules and boundaries to keep the testosterone levels in check.

Do not get an erection in the locker room.
Humility is an admirable trait for hung guys. This grower is not shy about his nudity but isn't showing off his erection either.

Lock Room Etiquette Rules for Hung Men

A locker room is not your personal washroom. Follow theses man-rules to maintain order amongst men:

  • Don't get an erection

    If you're a grower or a shower, the locker room isn't the place to compete. If you feel like you are getting erect, casually excuse yourself into a toilet stall.
  • Follow the gym norms

    If 99% of the guys are wearing towels while looking at a sports play on the TV on the wall, don't be 'that guy' who goes against the crowd and watches while naked. Cover up and fall in line! This isn't a big cock club.
  • Don't spend excess time while naked at the sinks, mirror and benches. It may come across as vanity... and who likes vain people? Even when shaving, the duration should be short and to the point. Be proud of your large cock somewhere else and don't make other men feel uncomfortable.
  • Don't be a big dick by showing off your erection nor spouting out with your mouth. Hudson remarks that," Conversations should be small talk and discussions should best be left for when everyone is clothed." Wait until your both fully dressed or you will detract from your credibility while you are sawing a towel between your legs.
  • Taking a Pee

    Don't wiz from 10" away from the urinal just because you can. Stand at a normal distance that's not too close to let your junk get splattered nor too far to look like a European fountain.
  • Blow-dryer

    Okay, this does feel good on the junk and keeps a healthy penis. If you like blow-drying your balls with one leg up on the counter, do it in the privacy of your own home.
  • How to be manly while naked and flaccid in the public locker room
    Being flaccid yet confident and manly in a public locker room.
  • Confronting a big dick

    I deal with men all of the time in the clinic. One time in the gym, this guy was hard and proud in the locker room. I walked up to Hard-on-Ron, kept my eyes at eye-level and said "Dude, not cool". I did't want this to be normal for him.

    He laughed it off and looked down. When he looked up again and saw that I was maintaining eye contact like a former gym-teacher, he knew that I meant business and back down... and went down to flaccid again.

    Outside the locker room, I shook hands with him to enforce that we were alright and not to do it again. (Having a big black guy confront him while naked and hard is a totally different topic.)

  • Cell phone usage

    Okay, this one is for men of any cock-size. If you are going to check your messages, do so with your cell phone held inside your locker. Having it out can still make some people feel uncomfortable and threatened of you taking their photo while they are naked.

Hung Guys in The Locker Room

You can never tell who has the biggest penis in the room because guys can be showers or growers. The gym locker room is not the place for comparing cock size or for an ego boost.

And a man with a large penis should be humble and modest with his genetic gift, especially in a non-sexual public venue.

Practice good locker room etiquette and don't do a disservice for all hung guys and for yourself. If not, one of these days, you just might be 'that guy' on the bench press who gets his windpipe crushed by a barbell while other guys stand around and watch. Don't be a big dick.

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