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How to Measure My Penis Correctly

Measure a erect penis correctly Steve (8" in Meridan, CT) is a 31 year old father of 1 and is 8" long, 6" girth. Don't slice that meat with the sharp-edged ruler!

Question - when does an 8" penis doesn"t look like a true 8" penis? Answer - when comparing cock sizes on the internet. Quantifing your cock isn't easy so here's the correct way to measure your penis to make a fair comparison to the average penis length.

Measure the entire extremity of the penis from where it leaves the body cavity and pelvic bone to the tip of the bulbous head. Make sure to retract your foreskin to get an accurate measurement of just the extending penile tissue.

Types of Penis Measurements

Erection length is the big number men want to see and women want to feel. "It's the entire distance of the penile tissue that extends from the pelvic bone, not the fatty deposit under the pubes," says Hudson White, massage therapist and co-founder the Large Penis Professionals consulting firm. "It's a cruel optical illusion that buries 2-3 inches of the penis tissue under the lower abdominal fat."

Flaccid length is the distance the penile tissue extends from the pelvic bone when we're soft and when measured at normal air temperature, not cold. The size of your non-erect penis is not indicative of how 'well hung' you are when erect. Some of us are showers or growers.

Stretched length is the distance the soft penile tissue when pulled to it's maximum elasticity. It's not a relevant size measurement since a soft, stretched penis isn't useful for sexual intercourse or for masturbating. But some men are number guys. Don't pull too hard.

Shrinkage Length is the disconcerting size of your cock when we come in from the cold. For good mental health, avoid taking this embarrassing penis measurement.

While doing a cardio run outside in the winter, I almost froze my balls off! The air temperature was -5 and the howling wind was chilling the boys down there. They actually started to ach and my 9.5" cock was going to turn from an outie to an innie. When I got home, I realized my fly was undone.

Erect Girth is the circumference when all three chambers of the penis are fully engorged. In North America, woman secretly cheer for a big number. So I've heard, a girthy penis gives an enjoyable and fulfilling sensation during vaginal intercourse but makes women shutter when it comes to oral or anal sex with a large penis.

Flaccid Girth is the circumference when we're soft.

How to Measure Penis Length

Large uncircumcised cocks need to have your foreskin retracted to fully display only the penis.

At the base of your penis, press a ruler or measuring tape into the lower abdominal fat until there's only skin between the ruler and your pelvic bone. Measure your penis length by marking how long it is from the base to the tip.

Measure on the top of your shaft. From below, the curvature of the pelvic bone will skew the measurement. And you DON'T want to be jamming an edge of the ruler into your junk that contains all of the connecting tissue and sperm ducts from the testicles.

A penis can bend
This is not a real x-ray. The penis is going down the trachea and not the esophagus.
How to measure penis thickness
Gerald (7.5" in Meridan, CT) is a proud 38 years old with a thick 6" girth. Any tighter and that vein will burst!

Measuring a Curved Cock

You can use a measuring tape to trace the curve from the pelvic bone to the tip; however, we're guys. Cocks were meant to bend otherwise hospitals would see more penis injuries from deep throating oral sex. Man up and bend it straight to align to the ruler... unless you have a 90 degree bend.

Measure the girth of your penis with a measuring tape or simply wrap a string around the thickest part of the shaft and then lay it out against a ruler.

Does Penis Length Change with Age?

Healthy penile tissue doesn't change with age, not matter the amount of usage. But for men with large penises, it can appear that shrinkage has taken place as that fatty pouch builds over the lower abdominals. Is this enough motivation to keep a flat stomach?

A bushy pubic hair mound can hide up to 3" of cock at the base. Keep the grass trimmed to show the full height of the tree.

Life after prostate surgery - The penis is well anchored in the pelvis and when the prostate is removed, the penile tissue will move to fill in the void. This can reduce the external size of the penis by 0.5"-2" until full recovery is made.
Man measuring his white cock
Dan (7.5" in Roanoke, VA) is 34 years old and always thought he was average. That's not average, Dan. Click image.
Black cock against a ruler.
Edward (8.5" in Nashua, NH) is a 29 year old father of 3 girls and only has alone time in the washroom. Bro, put the seat down when you're finished doing your business!

Why Measure Your Penis

#1 - Because we're men.

#2 - Centuries ago, we were allowed to have piston duels and swordfights to defend one's honor. And now that gunfights-at-ten-paces are a thing of the past, measuring penis length is our modern form of duel.

#3 - Knowing how far above the average penis length gives us a standing amongst each other. Don't be arrogant with your big numbers but be proud while walking with a big stick. If you're over 8", you're a member of the big penis club.

#4 - Knowing your size is also important for buying the correct condom. A perfect fit reduces the chance of catching an STD or creating a baby.

#5 - There's a good chance that you may suffer from erectile dysfunction in the future. Know your size now to help the medical professionals determine if the cause is a physical ailment.

For guys who are long while flaccid, it's important to have enough support to avoid having inappropriate bulges in public (good advice to fathers who often go commando).

When to Measure your Cock

When you are horny.

To get the correct measurement of your penis, measure at different times over a couple days. Penis size can vary 0.5" from stress, fatigue and sexual activity. And see how you measure up!

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