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How Does my Penis Rank?

Age is nothing but a number but cock size is a very important statistic to men. Our cocks have different curves, colors, shapes and sizes and seeing how we compare to other guys is important to our confidence and in our standing amongst each other. How does your penis rank compare to the global average?

To compare yourself to other men, you first need to correctly measure your cock and then see how you rank in the following penis size table. The key is to measure on the top of your penis starting at the base where it exits your pelvic bone. The ruler should be pressed firmly into the fatty deposit under your pubic hair to get the full measure.

Example - How do you rank?

If your flaccid length at room temperature = 4", then you are bigger than 75% of men.

If your erect length at room temperature = 8", then you are bigger than 98.5% of men.
Penis Size Chart Rankings

How normal is my Penis?

The measurements that make up the statistical numbers are from a medical study conducted in Britain. Over 15,500 men dropped their pants in front of a health-care worker. Participants were older than 17 years of age and included men of all races.

Personally, I would say that the results are slightly skewed to the lower side since no man ever gets a rock-hard, throbbing boner in a clinical environment. I remember being embarrassed when I got involuntarily got a boner at the doctor's office but that's a different story.

Different Races

Of course, there are populations of well hung men that skew the entire statistics to the high side, like Haitian men. But since British cities are a melting pot of races and nationalities, the study does give a very good statistical comparison of cock sizes for the global population.

Penis Size and Race

The average penis length is 5.16" but the range can be between 2" to 14" and it does vary by race. But race alone does not dictate a man's penis size.

Each one of us is an individual and can rank anywhere on the chart. There are hung Japanese guys, there are small black guys. As the saying goes, "You should never make assumptions because you'll make an ass out of you and me."... well you, not me.

As the world becomes more global, the average between racial and ethnic groups will also continue to diminish as more people get connected and mix. Enjoy what you have between your legs and have fun.

Length when Soft and Hard

You can never tell how hung a man is by seeing his flaccid cock in the locker room. Guys can be growers or showers and cock lengths can more than double in size when erect, like Josh.

From the statistics published in the study on penis rank, it shows that 70% of men are growers, less than 4" when flaccid at room temperature. Only when fully aroused can you tell how your penis ranks when comparing cocks.