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Erectile Dysfunction for Guys with Large Penises

A man with a large penis suffering from erectile dysfunction
Brian (8" in Tampa, FL) is a 46 year old runner, father of 2 who went through a prolonged divorce that lead to his erectile dysfunction for 8 months.
The bigger the penis, the bigger the problem. Erectile dysfunction refers to problems with achieving a firm erection and maintaining an erection long enough to have sexual intercourse. For men whose spouse loves big dick, it can cause emotional fights and simmering stress when your desire and love isn't expressed with a full 8"+ erection inside of them.

Erectile dysfunction is different from other penis problems like premature ejaculation. ED is impotence, that dreaded word and condition, that brings a lot confusion and tension to a relationship. As men, most of us internalize our problems and that causes a cascading complications that can spiral into the depths of depression.

ED is not permanent. And even better news, ED can be cured, no matter how long your large penis has been out of full action.

Of all the conditions than can afflict a man with a large penis, sexual problems are the most confusing, personal and easiest to hide ... when clothed. Our spouses may wonder if we've lost desire for them. We suffer self-doubt and embarrassment wondering if our virility is waning. And the worst result of ED is the dreaded self-introspection and 'the talk' with your spouse to find out what's going on with your heads, both the upper and lower one.

ED is not a sign of weakness. It's a sign that we have depth with a need for emotional support. Not the touchy feeling stuff you see in chick-flicks but that security of friendship like we had with our teenage buddy growing up.

How Common is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile Dysfunction Bob was 45 when his wife noticed that his erections weren't as firm. He suffered for 2 years and came close to divorce before seeking help.

ED is not inevitable for all men; however, it is extremely common and is estimated to affect about 15% of men in the US and Canada. As large penis professionals, we estimate this number is much higher. Because we are stubbornly male to the end, embarrassment can prevent us from talking about personal problems. We estimate that about 45% of guys will experience ED with their partners at least once. While about 25% of men suffer long term softness due to not talking.

Types of Erectile Dysfunction

There are two types of erectile dysfunction - physical and psychological.

Physical - These cases are rare and involve damage, injury or deterioration to the tissue of the penis. Some injuries are caused by bad luck from physical trauma. We've discussed:

  • With an professional, athletic man who was speared during a pick-up basketball by a pen left in an opponent's back pocket (OUCH!)
  • An avid hiker who traversed trails without wearing proper support for his large penis (lots of jostling)
  • A black guy with a 9" shower cock who did a fund-raising event by climbing up 54 flights of stairs in a skyscraper while wearing only loose boxer shorts and not compressions shorts. He twisted a testicle and damaged the blood flow to his crotch. Now he's the one needing support!
  • A white bodybuilder who injured his spinal cord on the standing calf raise (of all simple exercises!) and pinched the nerves that controls his cock!

Listen up men with large penises - we have more meat that can be injured and you need to take more care of your best friend between our legs!

Large breasted women understand and spend more money on support, fitting and sizing for their girls. But since we are men and don't openly talk about our penis, we don't provide as much care for our big boy.

There's no shame in erectile dysfunction, just lots of confusion. There's no shame in ED, just a lot of confusion and disappointment.

Diabetes is also a serious problem that people do not talk about either. It's a quiet epidemic that is well within our control and can result in nerve damage to the limbs and extremities. A large penis is a lengthy extremity that has long nerves that run the length of the penis. These are very susceptible to damaged from neuropathy. Is this good motivation for guys to better your health!

Hormones - From our bodybuilding experience, we can tell when guys are juicing with steroids (another topic that usually goes untalked about). With a trained eye, it's easy to see who is doping. But for some guys, it's a necessity.

For example, one police officer, 28 years old, 5'9, went from 230 to 260 lbs of brute strength in about 6 months. After going out for coffee and talking, it turned out that he had a hormone imbalance. His testosterone level was 6 when most guys were 20-30 and ED was a side effect... at the age of 28! This guy looked strong and put-together but inside he was going through turmoil. But he had the courage to do something about it.

Smoking, drugs and alcohol constrict blood vessels and over time can permanently damage blood flow to delicate tissues of penis.

Psychological ED and emotional ED doesn't mean that you are getting older or that your losing control over your large penis. It means that stress, worry, anxiety, anger and even fear is causing you to lose focus. If something at work or in the family is disrupting your sleep, that's an obvious trigger point that can end up costing you erections.

The Bad News about Erectile Dysfunction

We were all once horn-dogs, a walking erection. And as life gets busy and our responsibilities increase, it's natural for our sex drive to decrease.

Relationships suffer when your spouse doesn't feel your throbbing desire between your legs. You got them used to having sex with a large penis and ED can really cause havoc between spouses and lovers. And believe it or not, non-sexual friendships between guys can also get affected indirectly when one starts to widthdraw.

True friendships and relationships will heal. Finding the right voice who cares can lift you out of despair and get you back to full strength and length!

Anxiety is word that men don't like to use or even admit to. However, it's a wicked condition because the main problem in your life will cause erectile dysfunction, which in turn will cause even more stress. It's a self-feeding problem that can spin out of control if left unchecked.

And worse, a man who isn't ejaculating regularly is going to become edgy and grumpy and start pushing friends away. Suffering alone is an emotional burden that can spiral into depression. That's when we get the call.

What to Watch Out for

  • Premature ejaculation - a sign of psychological anxiety
    You don't need to suffer alone with erectile dysfunction. ED can also cause a man's personality to withdraw and shrivel up.
  • Weak erections - could be physical or psychological
  • Trouble sustaining erections - could be physical or psychological
  • Lower sex drive - this is natural but may also be physical due to low iron levels
  • Porn doesn't get you off - you and your sexual tastes are maturing
  • Anxiety, fear, confusion and depression - established psychological barriers that can be busted open!
  • Loss of interest in your large cock status - time for a serious man to man talk about you.

Erectile dysfunction for a guy with a large penis is a serious problem. The cause may be physical but most times, it's emotional which can be way more dangerous for you and the ones around you. Don't despair. ED is not permanent for the majority of men. You don't have to suffer alone in silence or any longer than you have to. Get the right direction back to your erection!

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