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Penis Length - Am I a Shower or Grower?

A man with a large penis suffering from erectile dysfunction
Darren (9.5" in Seattle, WA) is a 37 year old father of 3 and is 7" soft.

Guys are all built differently between the legs - in size, shape, color and foreskin (or no foreskin). And because we are men, we can't ask other guys about our personal tool. But we see and hear it all at the massage clinic... clinicly speaking. And we get a lot of questions about flaccid penis size. Am I a shower or a grower?

Showers - Men who have are surprisingly big when flaccid and do not grow much in length when erect are called "show-ers". When we get arouse, our penis expands in width & firmness but the length really doesn't change that much.

You may have seen these above average guys in the locker room. They have a big ole ding-a-ling that flops around as it gets batted from thigh to thigh. Some well hung guys with muscular quads can actually get it to make a slapping sound while walking nude. You can tell that they are not aroused because it's saggy and floppy.

I'm a shower. My penis is 6" flaccid and 8" when hard. Muscular men with large penises that are showers need extra support from compression shorts to avoid long term damage to the collagen fibers in the penis. I don't want to get erectile dysfunction later on in life.

When aroused, our cocks get thick and firm and continue to hang down heavy. Some shower's may point outwards but never straight out or straight up. It's just how we are built. If you are one of the rare showers that defy gravity and point upwards, we'd love to hear from you.

Growers - Men like Keven grow substantially in length & width when they become erect and are called 'grow-ers'. For growers with large erect cocks, it is typical to be 3-4" when soft and then doubling or tripling in size when hard.

Personally, it's preferable to have a more compact size to enable full leg movement when playing sports and to prevent uncomfortable bouncing. I wish I didn't have to wear compression shorts all of the time. Keeping the junk tighly contained can lead to:

  • overheating of the boys (to be avoided when trying to make a baby)
  • an increase in crotch odor (smells collects in the pubes)
  • an increase in yeast infections (jock itch erupts in a sweaty pouch)

If you are a shower or a grower, know that both types of cocks are 'normal' for men with large cocks. And both types are a part of the big penis club.

According to the Journal of Urology, flaccid length does not predict full erection length. Learn how to measure your penis correctly.

Collagen Fibers - The elastic penile tissue is controlled by the amount of collagen fibers in the penis. Growers are born with stretcher collagen fibers and have more of them. Showers are the exact opposite.

Collagen fibers do not restrict the maximum size of a penis.

What Determines if You are a Shower or a Grower?

How a penis gets erect.
Jared is a grower - flaccid at 3", erect to 8.5". He enjoys his personal cock ring for the feel.
  1. Genetics - Just like your height and muscular build, flaccid penis length is mainly determined from the DNA from the old man, our grandfathers and the men before them. Cock size is another genetic variation that makes each of us unique.
  2. Food & Drink - What we eat and drink affects the length of a soft penis. As we all know, when we get drunk, it takes more to get us hard because alcohol constricts the blood vessels. The less blood, the softer the tubes.
  3. Health - Medical conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cholesterol deposits also affect our resting blood flow and hence the size of a flaccid penis. These are also precursors to erectile dysfunction.
  4. Injury - Medical studies have shown damage to the collagen fibers in guys with physical erectile dysfunction. This affects the stretchiness of these fibers.
  5. Temperature - We all know about shrinkage. The colder it is outside, the smaller we are inside our shorts.
One time I was doing cardio outdoors in winter and I froze my balls off! My dick had shrunk to about 3" soft. When I got home, I realized that my fly was open.

Can you make it hang lower?

We've talked with colleagues in urology and the medical answer is NO. Unlike earlobes and lips which have cartilage that can be stretched, the elastic collagen fibers in the penis will lose performance when they are stretched out of shape. Don't try to stretch your soft cock or you can cause long-term damage that you'll regret later on.

What Happens as We Age

Bodies change as we age and so does the penile tissue. Growers may become slightly longer; showers can be a bit shorter but this only affects the flaccid penis length. Get turned on and we spring back to a full 8"+.

Your Penis Health

Eating a diet that is low in saturated fat can reduce clogged arteries. We've been warned about cholesterol build up in the heart but the arteries in the penis seem to clog first in some men. Erectile dysfunction can be a precursor for heart disease.

Similarly, diabetes is when the high blood sugar levels causes nerve damage to the extremities including the PENIS! Why this hasn't been used to scare men to a healthier diet is beyond us as large penis professionals.

Reducing sugar intake can lower the risk of dietary damage to your dick. A large penis is a terrible thing to waste... especially your own!

Use it or Lose it?

There is no evidence that a large penis will change flaccid size from not have sex. When things get stressful at work or during a sexual dry-spell, a lack of sex doesn't affect the long-term viability of the collagen fibers.

On the hand (well, in the other hand), vigorous and frequent masturbating doesn't affect the collagen fibers either. GOOD NEWS FOR US HORNDOGS!

Psychology of the Shower - Hudson's View

When I used to play football, containing my long flaccid shower was a pain in the ass. It was an ego trip in the locker room, especially in front of the younger bucks but on the field, it was always uncomfortable, overly sweaty and a cumbersome cucumber that needed tight binding and restraint. That's why you always see players picking and yanking between plays.

NFL Football player Chris Jones - Dick Falls Out (No sound for safe for office viewing)

Interview with Chris Jones (with sound - clean)

Psychology of the Shower - Keven's View

Hud stepped into my office and asked me to write a paragraph on living with a 4" penis. After giving him the finger, I can honestly say that I'm comfortable with myself. I'm 9.5" erect, 4" soft and love:

  • Making a large transformation to impress my partner. It's a nice big surprise to see it grow!
  • Not having it hang down one of my leg like a shoplifter hiding merchandise in his clothing.
  • Grinding in the danceclub (back in the day) was not embarrassing.
  • Going commando in athletic pants on a hot day without being inappropriate. Especially in family areas.
  • Not having to shift in public to put things back in place.
  • Crossing my legs without making strategic movements or reshuffling.
  • Not getting inappropriate comments in the locker room after a hard workout. You can glance but not comment.
  • Having the best of both worlds - travel-size for convience and full-size for entertaining.

Growers vs. showers are all good. Be thankful and humble for our genetic lottery winning.

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A man with a large penis suffering from erectile dysfunction Am I a Shower or a Grower?

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