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Large Penis Professionals

An active, professional man with a large penis
Mich (8" in St. Paul, MN) is a 52 year old father of 4. Dude, put some underwear on!

We're a Large Penis Club for active, professional men who enjoy hanging with the guys... and the people who know what they love.

Sizing each other up, finding tips, sharing experiences and getting advice in an open and anonymous way. Just amongst honest friends like the ones we had when we were younger. But as life gets busy and things change, there's alway one good thing life that keeps us happy - our cocks.

Some guys have problems that only others can imagine. Having a large penis comes with big problems but they are still 'problems' that need attention, advisement and consideration.

How we interact with people (i.e. humble or arrogant) and how people interact with us (i.e. users vs true caring friends) affects our emotional well being as men.

Men with large penises who are 8" and larger are jostling through life alone and repeatedly making the same mistakes because of a lack of knowledge of living with a large cock.

What is a Large Penis?

In North America, where bodies are larger, the society considers 8" and above to be extremely large. In Europe and Asia, it's 7", in Africa and the Caribbean, 10" is considered well endowed. Big is all relative when comparing cocks to the guys around us.

Your penis achieves full length after puberty which can be between 15-22 years old. The size of a man's penis is mainly controlled by our DNA, just like your height and muscular build. It''s a genetic gift from both our paternal and maternal grandfathers. Thanks Dad & Grandpa!

Large penis size can be found in all races but it's the local culture that mainly dictates what other guys considers a large penis. For instance, in Haiti, an average penis size would make men in other parts of the world feel pretty inadequate.

It's very important when we, as large penis experts, talk with you, that you understand and accept the culture around you and know your proper place amongst men. This will avoid unnecessary stress and disappointment to your life. You may be suffering from small penis syndrome when in fact, your cock ranking is well above average..

How to Measure Your Penis

Most men don't know how to properly measure their penis. Even though all rulers are created the same, the trouble is that men don't know where to start measuring. That's why photos of 8" cocks don't all look the same size because of the way we hold the ruler.

Here's the correct way to measure your penis. The length of the penis is measured from the pelvic bone to the tip of the head. For fat guys, this means pushing the ruler deep into the abdominal fat under your pubes. Lean guys, you don't have to push as deep because there's only the thickness of the skin.

The tissue of the penis anchors well within the body but since we only have fun with the portion that extends out, we measure all that extrudes beyond the pelvic bone. Fat guys, is that enough motivation to lose weight (I'm down 20 lbs).

Problems for a Man who has a Large Penis

We've seen and heard it all. The majority of problems with a large penis are:

  • Psychological - Believe it or not, your cock doesn't have a mind of its own. Your brain is in always in control. Get your upper head right and your lower one will follow.
  • Lack of Knowledge - A large penis needs more attention, from care and containment, to respect to relationships (respect towards yourself). Find your proper place amongst men and accept it with pride and responsibility. Forget about arrogance.
  • Sports Injuries - This is what we see and hear about from our sports clients. The chaffing, the flipping and flopping, the fungal growth (jock itch) and the other injuries are that temporarily prevents us from having fun off the field.
  • Loneliness - This is a big one and affects bodybuilders, professionals and men in power. Instead of getting to know you, other guys want to hang around you and only want to be associated with the top dog. For hung men, it takes a lot of life experience to weed out the game-players and users only seek superficial friendships. Loneliness, not the number of sex partners, is one of the most frequent problems with having a large penis.
  • Not talking to Other Guys - In North America, the only time we really honestly talked about our penis with other guys was during puberty when we were all changing and confused. As we grew up, we stopped learning and discovery with other guys. And guess what, confusion still reigns because we stopped learning from each other.
  • Inexperience - We've talked with plenty of men in their 40's and 50's who still haven't experienced the extreme pleasure that men are built for. Sex with a large penis requires patience and understanding as you train your partner. Only when problems occur, like erectile dysfunction are we desperate enough to talk to other men, from a distance. It's important to have a trusted support network before issues arise...or don't arise anymore.
  • Dead-end Relationships - Some vaginas, anuses and throats can not physically take a man with a large penis. The chaffing, the pain and the gagging makes sex an endurance for our partners and frustrating for us. It's our responsible to train them properly and make sure only pleasure and not pain comes from our large penises. We bet your dad didn't teach you that.
  • Medical - There are some conditions that require specialists for which we provide recommendations. From a bent penis to STD's, don't despair. There is help for you.
  • Other Concerns

    It's not just physical health that's the issue with a large penis. You may find your sexual health stagnating or even becoming lonesome. Over time, guys with large cocks may become resentful being used like a power tool and then cast aside. People may not be interested in truly getting to know the rest of the man behind the big dick. Don't be afraid to ask for help when need you it.

    Fact - Guys with an 8+ penis are a minimum of 4" flaccid. These are called growers. The penis more than doubles in length as blood engorges the three chambers in the shaft. Showers (pronounced show-ers) on the other hand are around 6-8" flaccid. Showers swell in girth and become firm when aroused and ready for sex or jerking off. You can not tell the erect length of man if he's a shower or a grower. We are all built different.
    The information on this website is based on personal research and experience. It is not a substitute for medical advice. Questions about your individual situation and health should be directed to your doctor.